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Meet the MEKA difference

Our modules are classified as stick frame modular buildings. As a result all building departments place zero restrictions on them, offering complete flexibility in designing and permitting.

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All our buildings are certified to American Standard Modular Prefabrication as well as Canadian Standard Association (CSA). Furthermore we meet the international building code, IRC for the US and the National Building Code in Canada.

Mekamodular homes can be installed in hours as opposed to weeks or even months with traditional building methods. All our production facilities adhere to the highest quality production methods.

Watch as we deliver the modules to our client’s Los Angeles address and assemble a home in a day, right before your eyes.

How a box

becomes a building

All construction is performed in our controlled factory environment. Each MEKA module is built to your local building code. We do electrical and plumbing certification with third party factory inspection.

  • Regular wood framing
  • Wall section: drywall, rock wool insulation, plywood with tyvek, cladding (we work with all major suppliers)
  • Modules are delivered, installed and you are ready to move in.

Are you searching for a perfect, affordable modular home to build? You can contact Meka Modular to create safe, appealing, strong and environment friendly modular homes living and work spaces. We ship affordable modern prefab homes, apartments, offices and other types of commercial buildings worldwide with utmost efficiency, accountability and discipline.

Our modular apartment construction makes use of most advanced modular construction technology to offer superior durability and quality construction. You can also contact us for innovative and functional modern modular homes in California. However, we service all 50 states. The contemporary design of our prefab modular buildings offers modern design appeal offering optimized functionality. Once the modules arrive at the site we construct your building in days not months.

We make sure that our green prefab homes for sale meet all USA and Canada national and local building codes. Our modular office and commercial spaces as well as modular homes in Canada make construction fast, cost effective, superior and visually pleasing. In many urban areas our system allows our clients to build modular with healthy resale value. For example offering California Bay Area homes for sale faster and more economical.

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Quality built with pride in North America. Shipping available to all 50 states & 10 provinces in Canada.

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