Details & Floorplan

1 bedroom/studio
1 bathroom
1 storey

Surface: 320 sf (30 m2)
Footprint: 16’ x 20’ (4,8 x 6 m)
Height: 9’-6” (2,9 m)

Price Shipped: $72,000**
Foundation*: $4,500
Roof: $5,000
Assembly: $4,000
TOTAL: $85,500

ALP320 floorplan

Materials & Finishes

Choose from a variety of top quality surfaces and finishes to add a personal touch your your MekaWorld modular home.

Each of these finishes comes standard in the price of your new home.

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    White Cedar
    Exterior Shiplap siding
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    Corrugated Metal
    Exterior Siding
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    Dark Grey Porcelain
    kitchen & bath floor tile
  • Western Red Cedar Exterior Siding
    Western Red Cedar
    Exterior Siding

Questions & Answers

Here, we feature the most frequently asked questions. Don’t see an answer to your specific question? Submit it by clicking the button below:


Are these homes rated for cold weather?

Yes! This is probably one of the most common questions we receive. All MekaWorld homes are built to your local building codes. Regardless if you live in Nevada or the North West Territories.

How long does it typical take to build a home?

There are many variables that are involved in the planning, permitting and design of a home. Once all plans and permits are approved the onsite work can usually be completed in less than one week. Compare that to months of tradition stick built homes and you can see why more people are opting for modular builds.

 * Please note: Kitchen appliances are not included in the price. The costs for foundation, roof finishing and modules assembly are the responsibility of the buyer. Prices given above reflect a typical North American starting point and vary by location. Please check with your local contractor for a precise estimate. No specialized training is required on the part of the contractor to assemble the units.

** Price shipped is approximate please contact us for shipping quote