Details & Floorplan

1 bedroom
1 bathroom
1 floor

Surface: 480 ft2 (45 m2)
Footprint: 20’ x 24’ (6 x 7,3 m)
Height: 9’-6” (2,9 m)


Base Price: $95,200 USD*
Roof: **
Assembly: **

** Note: In order to get accurate cost estimates, a proper site plan needs to be done. Please go to GET STARTED.

* Base price is inclusive of all interior finishes (kitchen, flooring, windows, light fixtures, washrooms, etc. However, there are no appliances). Also, the base price includes shipping to the location just for the modules. We need to do a project verification once you submitted your project at getting started.

** All site work such as foundation, roof installation and assembly are national averages and are estimated. They can vary depending on location. We need your property site analysis and create a budget for the project we call it a concept verification. Please enter all your project information on getting started.

SOL 480 Floor Plan

DID YOU KNOW: All MEKA modules are built specifically for your local environment.
Regardless if you live in Nevada or the North West Territories.

Materials & Finishes

Choose from a variety of top quality surfaces and finishes to add a personal touch your your MekaWorld modular home.

Each of these finishes comes standard in the price of your new home.

  • null
    White Cedar
    Exterior Shiplap siding
  • null
    Corrugated Metal
    Exterior Siding
  • null
    Dark Grey Porcelain
    kitchen & bath floor tile
  • Western Red Cedar Exterior Siding
    Western Red Cedar
    Exterior Siding