Details & Floorplan

1 bedroom/studio
1 bathroom
1 floor

Surface: 320 ft2 (30 m2)
Footprint: 16’ x 20’ (4,8 x 6 m)
Height: 9’-6” (2,9 m)


Base Price: $72,000 USD*
Foundation*: $4,500
Roof: $5,000
Assembly: $4,000
TOTAL: $85,500

* Base price is inclusive all interior finishes (kitchen, flooring, windows, light fixtures, washrooms etc. however, no appliances). Also, base price includes shipping estimate.

** All site work such as foundation, roof installation and assembly are national averages and are estimated. They can vary depending on location. We need your property survey and do a concept verification. Please enter all your project information on getting started.

ALP 320 Floor Plan

DID YOU KNOW: All MEKA modules are built specifically for your local environment.
Regardless if you live in Nevada or the North West Territories.

Materials & Finishes

Choose from a variety of top quality surfaces and finishes to add a personal touch your your MekaWorld modular home.

Each of these finishes comes standard in the price of your new home.

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    Western Red Cedar
    Exterior Shiplap siding

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    Corrugated metal
    Exterior Siding
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    Western Red Cedar
    Exterior Trim Siding
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    Grey Veined White Porcelain
    Shower & Bath Surround
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    Western Red Cedar
    Bathroom Ceiling Planks
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    Solid Oak Counter Top
    Option White Ceasarstone
    Kitchen & Custom Surfaces
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    Double Glazed White Vinyl
    Option Dark Brown Vinyl
    Door & Window Frames
  • null
    Prime Painted White Drywall
    Low Voc Latex Paint
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    Dark Grey Porcelain
    Kitchen & Bath Floor Tile
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    Grey Or White Enamel Finish
    Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
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    Mirror Panels
    Kitchen Bath & Vestibules
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    Natural Clear Finish Maple
    Option Dark Stained Finish
    Solid Plank Flooring